About us

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About us

Who are we?

Our history is rooted in a tradition of coin production in the Freiberg region that spans over 800 years. Tradition and innovation go hand in hand as we pursue the highest quality and absolute reliability.
The production of coin blanks is our passion and mission, and your satisfaction is our top priority.
Founded in 2013, we take pride in being a fully privately owned company. This independence allows us, as providers of coin blanks for circulation coins, to operate completely free from the influence of other market participants. With our state-of-the-art production line, incorporating the latest developments in plant technology, we produce with exceptional resource efficiency. We look forward to supporting you with our top-quality coin blanks and meeting your requirements. Your satisfaction is our mission.


The faces behind our wonderful team!

Managing Director
Managing Director
Sales Director
Director Finance and Administration
Technical Director
Head of Order Processing/Logistics
Head of Procurement/Purchasing
Head of Quality Assurance

Our mission

We are the leading independent manufacturer of coin blanks in the heart of Europe. Every day, we strive to exceed our customers' expectations by focusing on quality, reliability, and efficiency. We continuously improve our internal standards in terms of occupational safety, sustainability, and employee satisfaction.

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