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Independence also in the selection of materials.

Our independence is a key factor that sets us apart in coin production, especially when it comes to the selection of materials. At Freiberger EuroMetall GmbH, we have the freedom to choose the best and most suitable materials for each coin blank. This independence allows us to think beyond conventional boundaries and develop innovative, tailored solutions for our customers, while always ensuring the highest quality and durability.

What we stand for

No tolerance for errors

We do not tolerate errors and always strive for perfection in the production of our coin blanks.

Inspection of all blanks before delivery

Since we do not tolerate errors, we subject each individual blank to inspection before it is delivered to our customers.

In-house laboratory with comprehensive equipment

Our in-house laboratory is comprehensively equipped to ensure the highest quality standards in coin blank manufacturing.


Our high standards ensure the consistent quality of all our coin blanks for the best possible customer satisfaction. Certified according to ISO 9001.
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Shaping the future: The path to sustainability

Energy saving

Our machines are state-of-the-art in terms of energy efficiency. Efficient motors, modern combustion technology, and heat recovery keep energy consumption low.

Conserve resources

By using highly efficient punching tools, we can minimize material consumption. Through the gentle use of chemicals, our processes have a low impact on the environment.

In-house wastewater treatment.

In our in-house wastewater treatment, the resulting wastewater is freed from all heavy metals and environmentally harmful chemicals before being discharged into the municipal sewage system. The resulting sludges are sent for metal recycling."


Our high environmental and sustainability standards are certified according to ISO 14001.

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